Google Slide Remix

Throughout the week our class had spent time learning about the design and process that went into making eye-appealing google slides.Thanks to multiple sources provided by Ms. Hull we were able to learn about key factors in what makes an image attractive to us, and with the information provided we made our own slides based off our Me Magazine. I wanted to stick with an excerpt about an essay I wrote in the piece about growing up in a house that encouraged the science and fantasy genre -especially my dad-. Going through the sources provided I was able to absorb more knowledge on what we as humans find aesthetically pleasing and from that I was able to improve my slide-making skills.

Honestly, I made a lot of changes in comparison to the first slide and you can see from the entirely different design what I mean by that. I originally started with a text-block oriented slide that I still found attractive but I decided I wanted to start fresh with a different format. Now, obviously some design choices I made with my new slide might raise eyebrows but I defend that it sticks by what I think is appropriate for a slide about me and my essay. The font, image, and text I used was to give a meme vibe but still have a genuine point and meaning. The research I absorbed explained that slides shouldn't have a bunch of text on one slide, and that points can be summarized and organised better so I decided to take that information and condense it into my meme esc slide. I used multiple sources throughout all this but I definitely got the most enjoyment out of this longer youtube video because of the visuals provided;

After all this I'm happy to say that I have a better attachment to the slide I made and that the new piece has a better connection to the point I was trying to get across with my design choices. I think a huge point of design should be sticking to the basics but bending stricter rules so that you can have fun with what you make and add a personal touch to what you're doing, otherwise your slide gets boring. Restricting yourself with other's guidelines and not following what you want will only hurt you, others won't know what you're trying to display so giving it your touch makes it easier for them to understand what you're trying to tell who you're presenting to. In conclusion, I learned that there's a lot to making good slides that keep people engaged but what's most important is to make sure you're having fun and making something you and others can be proud of.