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When first researching about this project, I didn’t know much about designing. I knew a little bit from my dad, he’s a graphic designer, maybe that’s somewhat ironic because my slide is about him. But, I enjoy the way my slide looks. The slide contrasts, with black and white, which catches eyes, according to There is some empty space in my slide as well, so it doesn’t look cluttered, and the sizes of my words vary, so people mainly get key information. When we watched our video in class, the man said that it's important for people to only see what they need to know, that's why the euro sign was smaller compared to the price. I also added some low intensity color to the slide, to make my important words pop out, and keep it from being to dull. Lastly, I have a picture of my dad added to the slide. It's a medium size picture that isn't too intense, but captures the eye, it isn't a bleeding picture because I thought having the whole view of it looked better than having some cut off. That is why my slide looks the way it does!