Growing up Online

1.) The TV we had watched in class was called Growing up Online.

2.)This show talked about how kids were affected online and how their entire lives changed after something that was put online. They had told us about a fight that happened in their school and that it was recorded and now whenever someone looks up the kids or the school they will see the video.

3.)The most memorable thing about this show was about the girl who was a model on the internet but in real life she was a nobody.

4.)Yes it is important to watch these shows because it teaches us about the dangers of the internet and shows us how much it can affect our lives.

5.)I will keep my future family safe online by not letting them have any social media until they are of appropriate age. Also I will block any websites that are inappropriate or unsafe to children.

6.)It is important to talk to family about internet safety because they need to know how dangerous the internet is and how it can affect your future.

7.)Some advice I would give to parents that have children online is to right away talk to your kids about the dangers of the internet and how one little mistake could affect their entire life.
Screenshot 2016-01-12 at 11.39.07 AM
Screenshot 2016-01-12 at 11.39.07 AM