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This slide shows that I'm like a lion on the inside and my pride is just like one. The apple logos just show that I'm in love with Apple products. SO my pride is like a lion my will is apple ( I buy and love Apple its all i save up for). The slide also has plenty of bleeding in to each other picture. I made this slide look like this because I think it shows how each picture goes into each other like lion(pride) to apple(my love). The thing that influenced me was my love for wild cats (lions are the best in them) and my iPhone (how fun it is using it). I couldn't make my mind between my pride and person inside of me or my love so i just picked both and put it together.
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        I have learned some very simple things to some harder things. I had to refresh some things in my mind as well at some points i couldn't even find some easy things and tools. And the  there was things that I have never used that I did this time. Like some PDFs and posting I didn't know I learned and know more about now. I did a lot of things different I changed the entire slide. I made it into something new and better. My first slide was not so good it had too much of everything and too complicated. Even the quote needed 30 minutes to explain what it meant (this is me, spirit of a lion and will of apple). Then I also had 4 different pictures which was to much I was trying to do bleeding but it didn't come out good it was just to much. Now my slide is much more simple and better as you can see in the following. People also told me that I had to many pictures and didn't understand the quote. So I changed and fixed all their problems. Mrs. Hull didn't do step by step and didn't answer questions and told us to go to the rubric no steps at all ;and she would be like i don't know when asking for help. There was a lot of room to mess up and we did. BUT we fixed it now.
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Talya Laver (Student 2017)
Talya Laver

I noticed that you scaled down on the number of things you have on the slide. I second slide is much more pleasing to the eye because you can really feel the intensity of the lion. I wonder what made you make your slide all black and white. What if you made the quote bigger? Do you think it would bring more attention to it?

Vilma Martinez (Student 2017)
Vilma Martinez

I noticed that the picture, font, and color all compliments each other. I wonder what you thought of so that this slide can appeal to the audience. What if you used more color for this slide, would it still make sense?

Jaiyeola Omowamide (Student 2017)
Jaiyeola Omowamide

I noticed that you completely made a new slide with a new color scheme. I wonder if the slide will have the same affect if you used color. What if you can create a new slide with color.