Hamidou's Art Work

Artist's Statement:

During the first quarter of Advanced Art, I know it was going to be challenging. I never believe that I should drawing or even making art. My art piece has improved as we had a new project.

Our first assignment was ceiling tile. I didn't know if I would be able to create a nice ceiling tile. I didn't even know what art was going be on the ceiling tile. I had drawn three different ideas which I didn't like. So I thought about my favorite hobbies which are basketball. So I tried to draw the N.B.A logo but I didn't like how it turns out on paper. So I had a choice to make between two of my favorite players Lebron James and Stephen Curry. I choose Lebron James because he was inspired me to watch the N.B.A for the first time.

Our second assignment was fall wall hanging. I want to draw something that remembers me about fall.  So I created a pumpkin house with scare ghost and apple tree. Halloween had big part why I choose a pumpkin house with scare items around it. I don't celebrate these holidays but my friends do. I draw things that inspired my friends and their holiday and what remind them of fall.

The last art assignment was a self-portrait. I was having trouble to start the drawing because I didn't know how to draw a person's face. This assignment I wanted to push my self because everyone else was tracing off the board. So I freehanded my whole drawing because I believe it would help me become a better drawer. I even draw the pore on my face to give it more detail. The final product could be better but I learned so much.

Overall, I have learned so much as artistic in advanced art class. The tool for success is pushing your self into an uncomfortable situation. Also, you need a creative mindset and use the thing that inspired you as a person to create a wonderful piece.