Hamidou Doumbia Capstone


The senior capstone was stressful, exciting and went well. My original plan for my capstone was creating my personal capstone but since our ultimate team had a lot of tournament. It was an option that opened up and I was allowed to become a director of an ultimate tournament. I had to spend lunch and after time with Mr. Lehmann. Overall, we spend a lot of time figuring out how to get the following items like trophies, food, and water Jugs. We had ask a lot of favors from Pada ultimate organization. There were 18 teams from D1 to D3 and Girl, the boy division. The tournament raised 2,000 dollars for SLA ultimate community and the teams had a lot of fun. The varsity boy had a very successful weekend with making the finals. The capstone was a great learning experience for sports management which would be my major in college. I want to give thanks to all teams that participated in the tournament and also Mr. Lehmann and Jereme Mason

Annotated Bibliography

USA Ultimate: “USA Ultimate.” About Spirit of the Game, www.usaultimate.org/resources/sanctioning/tournament_requirements.aspx.

These are the requirement of each team need to host the ultimate frisbee tournament. Also, helps with SLA ultimate show the USA ultimate their improvement.  

Jereme Mason: Jereme@pada.org

Gather information from one of the heads of PADA ultimate organization who orgzaine summer ultimate team and even host  . He helped with getting field space and steps which would make the process is easier.

Chris Lehmann: clehmann@scienceleadership.org

Mentor and a follow coach how would help with organzied the project. As well gather information on how to break the pools for the team be set up to play for first place.

Kristi Wolf: Kwolf@montcopa.org

She had a lot of information about the fields. I email her about the field and she sent back a doc for a permit which is used to have the clear for the field. She will help me updates with tournaments and space.

“UltiPlanning.” UltiPlanning, www.ultiplanning.com/.

This website that helps with information which east gather and personality help on planing an ultimate event. If you create an account and email them and ask them a question they will email feedbacks.

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This a google form that has been sent out and helpful on how to organize the teams and gathering information. I was kinda confused on how could I create a form that fit the tournament to be sent out to invite teams.

“USA Ultimate.” About Spirit of the Game,b www.usaultimate.org/rules/.

This website gives the details of an understanding of what is Ultimate frisbee and how you could understand the full rule and how it's cool you could be self-ref and being fair.

“Home.” Philadelphia High School Ultimate Education League, phuel.ultimatecentral.com/.

Phuel is another organization of Ultimate and they have been huge on how to plan the huge tournament. The Phuel has a lot to do with youth ultimate and how they make the qualification to states.

“PHUEL Teams - Coach/Captain Access.” Google Docs, Google, docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1u5k5ogdJfG-1TpVk6px8Bfq0Y9Am1C0SH63nB6tA2Jo/edit#gid=0.

I gather information about contacts from all the head coaches and captain in the Ultimate community. This will be very useful because I will use to create the forms help people to understand.

“YCC U20.” US Open, usopen.usaultimate.org/ycc-u20/.

This summer travel group which I usually attend has a website putting every player and have info about how a player from any ages are having hard fought ultimate.

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