Hamilton Room Drawing

Artist statement:

Before we started this project we learned all about the different parts of a drawing. there is a birds eye view and there is worms eye view. Both are divided by a horizontal line with the vanishing point in the middle. After that we drew our shoe and then tried too draw a room. After we were done the room we moved on to drawing Ms. Hulls room. This project had many steps to it. We started by picking a wall. Then we had to count how many sealing tiles there are on your wall. We found our vanishing point and we used our vanishing point to make all of the sealing tiles. I think that the easiest part of this project was picking a wall to draw because there was no drawing involved in that part. I think that the hardest part of the project was making the sealing because in order to perfect the sealing you need to make all of your lines straight and I am not good at making straight lines. 

Another drawing you should check out is Maria Latorre

I think that she was very successful in making her windows. I can obviously see the effort she put into making the whole drawing look good to the eye.