Handbook Emulation

Comments (3)

Yasir Thomas (Student 2021)
Yasir Thomas

You did a great job on your emulation. I thought that it had a connection with the book and the movie because of the different things about being a woman and the forbidden love. I also like the design that you did for the, About the Authors.

Ethan Friedman (Student 2021)
Ethan Friedman

I really like how you organized your quotes and annotations. Almost all of them are easy to read and have a nice flow on the side of the page which contrast with the text in the middle. The only downside that I notice is how your details get in the way of the text in a couple of places. The pills block part of the title at one point. The eye in the middle of the second element distracts me from the reading.

You did a great job of incorporating your first element into your emulated scene by adding the pills and syringe. They are simple and easy to identify.

Sophia Paul (Student 2021)
Sophia Paul

I really enjoyed reading your scene. All of the details were very good and each of your elements were clear within your story. All of the visuals (with the pills and syringe), the dialogue and the points within your scene where you did a time jump. Your design is very nice and looks nice to the eye. The colors and all of the little visuals are a very nice touch! Good job!