Hanna Roemer-Block Capstone

For my capstone, I created a website. Well I did a little more than that. I started out with volunteering at my old elementary school once a week for three hours. Since January, I have been there every Wednesday, helping with homework and facilitating activities. Along with teaching kids, I branched out a little. I wanted my project to be about my neighborhood as a whole. I decided to conduct interviews with people that are very influential in my community and well educated in mutual aid. I asked them questions about the non profits and organizations they work with, and how they have helped to build a strong neighborhood. Then, I brought it all together on a website. The website contains quotes from my interviews along with my own writing about my neighborhood, elementary school, and mutual aid. Without mutual aid, healthy communities cannot exist, because they require systems in place to provide help if something goes wrong. Communities that are capable of self sustaining are more equipped to thrive.