Harrison Reading Life-Style


Harrison seems to be a great reader. When I asked him what his favorite book was from his childhood, he told me that it was Green Eggs and Ham! Can you believe it I guess Dr.Seuss leaves his mark on children and on teens. The book he would like to toss out the window and hit someone with would be the book he read in english last year would be The Book Thief. Sounds boring huh? Lucky for the people in Pahomovs class that book wasn’t even mentioned to us, not once.

Harrison wants to become a better reader than he is now. Which I think is very possible for him to do if he puts his mind to it. He wants to read much more than he does now, what’s holding him back is that he can get really distracted, but if he likes a book he will read it and finish the book. He doesn’t really have a favorite genre of reading, he says if the book is interesting then that’s the book that’s he’s going to read.

Don’t text Harrison at night, he’s busy reading and nodding off. Having a dream about something nice. :)