Helping Snakes

On my last post, I explained the problems with having snakes as pets. This is a topic that needs to be brought way more attention. Snakes are captured from their natural habitats and transported to different places, this process can cause them a lot of harm. Then, for the rest of their lives they are kept in tanks that don’t even have the space they need to stretch. Not only their physical body gets harmed but so does their mental state. They can feel a lot of stress and anxiety in captivity. Most snakes are very cheap, which gives more people a reason to want to buy them. When I was looking for organizations that are doing things to help stop this, I couldn’t really find a lot, but the one I found was World Animal Protection. They have made articles informing people why this is such an important issue. They also have a wildlife pledge that people can sign to share support and help stop this issue. They receive donations to stop all sorts of animal cruelty, including my topic. And they also have an instagram account to raise awareness to this type of stuff. I think these are very effective ways of helping snakes and other animals. However there’s way more that needs to be done because there’s still not a lot of people know about this.

*A screenshot of my gofundme link

For my Agent of Change part, I decided to set up a Gofundme link so I could raise money in order to donate to World Animal Protection. Since the least amount you can donate to World Animal Protections donation link is $30, I thought it was best to set up a gofundme for people who still wanted to donate, but couldn’t exactly contribute with that much. I reached out to the organization so I could inform them of my plan, but I got no response. My gofundme actually didn’t turn out to be very successful, since I only got very few donations. I will still be donating to World Animal Protection but with my own money, and the donation money I received. Even though I didn’t get as many donations as I hoped for, I got multiple people to sign the wildlife pledge.


Screenshot of one of my friends signing the wildlife pledge *

Overall, I really enjoyed working on this project. I really liked being able to work on something I actually care about and having to do something to help. I also thought it was cool how everyone had such interesting topics, and helped in many different ways. I thought everyone’s topic also let me know a little more about the person and about what type of topics they cared about. I think there’s a lot of things that could have gone better if I was to do this project while I was in the country. Since I wasn’t, I had to change some things so I could still try to help in a virtual way. If I could do things in person, I would’ve loved to do some type of fundraiser in person since a lot of people that wanted to donate couldn’t because they had no way to pay virtually. There’s not much left for me to do but I want to wait a little longer to see if I can raise a little more money so I can donate more to the organization.