Her Era Poem: The Interview With My Mom

My mom is Myracherisse, born to Peggy King. In Philadelphia, with 2 brothers and one sister. She’s the baby of the family and was born in the 60s. Sagittarius is her zodiac and she always felt a bit of a drawback.

Being an African-American female, her life was never a fairytale. The impact of race always brought her into a debate but being a girl she felt like it was necessary to always have a ponytail.

Wearing light colors and skirts never could she ever go and play in the dirt. Keeping a job was something she said was difficult so she tried to stay biblical.

The same could apply for education, hand and hand it was highly complicated. Her opinion on treatment between genders aren’t like my generation. She thinks it’s so much unnecessary, extra complication.

Her views are common old stereotypes but I guess that’s because they never went out of the box. She’s understanding and still insightful.

She just doesn't know anything about these titles. The definitions of gender and sex and how they are more in-depth. All she knows is boy and girl -- nothing less. Nothing more until I taught her about them, them their and theirs. Her eyes opened wide as if she saw THE light.

She said okay that should be in a book, I shook my head and agreed with a look.