HerStory Poem

She is from hand me down coats, bobos and Red’s Hoagies.

She is from  the two story house on the corner of Carpenter Street

She is from teaching, managing, and training, and graduating from IUP and Temple with her own funds

She is from Crab feasts and loud laughter, from Val and Sam, the Lawrences.

She is from the selflessness and determination.

From providing for herself and doing EVERYTHING on her own.

She is from bible study  and early morning sunday school.

She is from Newark, New Jersey, but raised in South Philly, with a strong pepsi and butter popcorn in hand.

From the “good child” who always had to help her siblings out of trouble, the one who may have cared “too much”.

She is from being scared hiding in the closet, the nervous middle sister

She is the woman to be the first to graduate from college in the family

She is the woman I aspire to be at least half as great as

She’s my mommy!