History Benchmark

Here is the place to find my history benchmark.

This benchmark to me was definitely one that I learned from as I went along. Yet when it came to the process of working on this benchmark I did have complications. From choosing the correct tops to include and also actually writing each paragraph there where many little complications along the way. Still I continued to work hard in order to get the full amount that I could learn out of this project.
 When it came to choosing my topics I tried to think of things that related to my life. Such as for looking into the judicial branch I found it easier to look into Supreme Court cases about students. Executive branch & legislative was easier to look into things I encounter everyday. Once I got to this point I then went onto pointing out specifics in order to narrow down my topics. From there I went on to researching, formatting and writing. Writing the paragraphs was the most complicated part for me as at times I was unsure what to say.

 With this benchmark I realized how much of a role the government plays already into my day to day lie. From what I see I know that this wont change. As I get older attend college, get a job, eventually my own home, etc. The government will always be there in some way playing a role in how I live and what I do. The ways it will be present might change compared to now but who is to say.