History Journal #41

What is more powerful ​Violence or non violence? 

Non- violence is more powerful. I'm not a violent person at all. You have to be really...desperate when you have to get to a level where you need to HARM someone. I should be able to fight for my rights without having to throw a bomb or having someone throw a bomb at me. And war? It shouldn't exist. It shouldn't have to exist. In reality (no offense to anyone who has family or friends serving, I respect them highly) they don't fight for their country. They're pawns fighting for their king and it's all just a game. And we are simply players in this chess game of life and unfairness. If I'm a soldier why would I want to fight for someone who made poor decision and then puts us all in danger? Why does it get to the point where we must get below the animal line and actually fight and not come to a mature consensus. We need to worry about having a safer world and solving our problems, rather than having our thumb hovering over the red button ready to nuke anything and everything.