History Journal 10 - Ethan

2. History Journal 10 - “What is religion?” - In this journal Mr.block left us with the simple question of what is religion? I had a difficult time answering this because my initial response was... God. However I realized this was not an answer he was looking for I thought of what it means to me to be religious. I said that “ Religion is a belief in a higher power which you put your complete faith into. Than he asked us his next question which was “Is religion a good thing or a bad thing?”. My answer to this was again hard to understand. “ Religion is one of the biggest causes of war, kings,dictators, and “messiahs” have used religions as excuses to kill millions of people and claim these acts in the name of a higher power. It has related to plagues, cruelty, and malice. At the same time though religion inspires great works of art, it gives people hope in a life after life and makes them feel connected with other believers from all around the world.” So for this journal I could not decide if religion was a good thing or a bad thing.