History Journal 31 - Ethan

1. History Journal 31 “The world is just“ - In this journal Mr.block gave us a cartoon that showed three fish: 1 was extremely small and has a bubble saying “There is no justice in the world”, the next was a bigger fish saying “There is some justice in the world”, last there is a fish that is bigger than both of them saying “The world is just”. In this journal we had to discuss the meaning of the cartoon, which was of course the richer and more powerful you were, the more justice there was in the world and the poorer and less powerful you were, the less justice there was in the world. Than he had us add something to the cartoon that would change the message in some way, shape, or form. I added a large ship on the water and labeled it “U.S.S Economy” and current running through the ocean that was labeled “Consumer Current”. The consumer current represented U.S consumers and that it controlled how the fish acted and moved, the large fish could finally catch the littler fish with that little extra push from the consumers. Than the economy ship represented the U.S economy and it had a large fishing net dropping down on all the fish but the big one. This represented that the economy only leaves the larger fish to keep feeding in the ocean.