History Journal Entry #32

​Do you think Okonwo's past experience are an excuse for his current behavior?

I think Okonwo's past experiences are & aren't an excuse for his current behavior because he had work a lot independently to get where he is now. Along with that the shame of having a father as the village failure of which must play a big role in who he is now. He never really had a role model or father figure to show and teach him the roles and guide him to gain some moral values. But at the same time it's not okay that he is so controlling and walks around like a total statue. Emotionless. Hard. Cold. but this is a result of what happened to him in the past. being the way Okonwo's is, is probably just his way to get things done without technically having any interference. HI see him as basically by himself. I'm in the middle with my answer because his mental morals may not be straight but It can't totally be his fault for the way he is.