History Quater 2 Benchmark Reflection - Student Rights (See Sean Moss Page for Blog)

For my final benchmark in American Government I choose to do Freedom of Speech. Freedom of Speech is located in the first amendment. It is important to have freedom of speech because it allows the person how to express how they feel.  This is a right that not should be taken away from any one. Going back and doing this process I feel that more time should have been put into the project and the communication should have been alot better, however it is not a person fault if they do not get internet half the time.  Other then the technical problems I feel like my partner and I worked very well together and also I was keeping up with him to make sure the work was getting done in a timely matter.  How this could have improved was that we should have added more people then what we had. We should have gone to other schools and asked more of outside people. If i was to do this project again i would not change the process. what I learned is that you shouldn't take away people's freedom of speech and that everyone has a right to this. What went well with this is that it was turned in on a timely matter. The most interesting fact was that was defended in alot of cases. What i liked about the project was that it was creative and made us use out people. what i didn't like was that there was alot of technical problems with uploading