Hocus Pocus podcast: Author's intent

Dayanna Hughes, Lauren N, Taylor Green, Jayla Wright, and Chloe Hart **In today's episode, we explain what happens in the last part of the book. Not only do we dive into the context of the book, but we also take a further look into the author's intent in writing what they did. ** references- pg 11. first meeting with a fortune teller

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Sharron Norton (Student 2019)
Sharron Norton

They have a clear understanding of their explanation on Authours intent. I like how they give the viewer's background story on the evidence and characters they choose to talk about.

Miguel Rivera (Student 2019)
Miguel Rivera

I have listened to all of your programs. I love the clear voices that y'all have. I found the part of the plan parenthood section is interesting. I liked the topic of living in surviving. That living carefree is living a good life.

Sashoya Dougan (Student 2019)
Sashoya Dougan

the consistency of comments is always nice to hear, there weren't any awkward pauses so that must've meant you guys really got into it and had a lot to say and thought about it a lot