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Home Network by Sean DeSilva

My Internet Service Provider also known as ISP is Xfinity from Comcast. The Comcast cable connects to my modem/router which activates the Wifi. Then the other piece of the cable connects to my laptop, so it's known as the Ethernet. My Samsung Galaxy S4 smart phone, 3DS Xl, PS Vita and my dads Nokia smart phone can easily connect to the modem/router which gives off wifi. During my Technology course with Mrs. Hull, I learned that when you connect your device to Wifi, you actually pay additional amounts of money for having that device connected to your ISP which I thought was very shocking. I will tell other people to not have your devices connected to you ISP all the time because they will have to pay more than they need too. Also, I would tell them to call their ISP to fix any issues with the Internet.