Home Network, Flores

​From the Internet, I have an ethernet cord that connects to my motem/router. From my motem/router an ethernet cord connects to my printer/scanner. The rest of the technology in my house is wireless. The other devices in my household include four iPhones, one Windows PC, two Chromebooks, and two tablets. I had an OMG moment when I realized there was an ethernet that connected to my motem/router at home that gave me Internet. This home network lesson taught me how specifically each of my devices connects to the Internet, whether it's via wire or wireless. I also learned that there are a lot more wireless devices in my house than devices connected by wires. You need to know what wire brings internet into your home or what cords connect to your motem/router in case you have future problems with your internet. This would help clear up whether you need a new wire or if the problem is on the ISP's end.