Home Network, Misero

My home network starts off with the internet, just like everyone's network does. Branching off the internet is Comcast, my families internet provider. Comcast provides the internet through a co-axial cable. The cable comes in through my first floor living room and then connects to our modem router. The modem router also connects to the one desktop computer. Then we have the wifi, which has the most on our network. On the wifi we have 3 smartphones connected, printer, 3 laptops, and speakers that we can from out phones, computers etc.
Something that I learned during this unit was just how vast the internet is and how much happens just to load a page. For example my omg moment was when we watched that video in class about how the internet is basically like delivering packages across the world in seconds.
I would tell people that a home network is very simple, depending on the devices you possess. I would suggest having as many wireless devices as possible.
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