Home Network, Schwingel-Sauer

1. All of the devices connected to the internet connection at my house, my Local Area Network, are: four iPhones (my mom's, dad's, sister's and mine), my sister's laptop, my dad's laptop, my laptop, Roku, and a Wii. My internet service provider is Comcast and my enters my house through a coaxial cable into the office. It is connected with an ethernet cable to a modem router.

2. Something new and interesting that I found when we learned about networks was that one file can go through so many portals through the network just to get to a final destination. The really crazy part though is how fast it happens.

3. What other people need to know about having an Internet Service Provider and Home Networks is that the person who pays for the internet owns the network you connect to at a certain place. They may have certain rules in the Acceptable Use Policy that may be important to know even if the AUP is very long. 

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