Home Network, Tan

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2. My L.A.N connects from my ISP, that gives me internet in my house. Our ISP give internet to our modem that connects to our router through a coax wire. Our router gives wifi for our house. On the wifi, there are 5 phones, 3 laptops, 3 tablets, a mac mini, an xbox one, and a ps3. 

3. I learned that there are many different things that has the be processed before you can get access to a website. It takes less than a second for it all to process which is really fascinating to me. I didn't realized it had to go through lots of stages to access something on the internet. 

4. I would tell people that each ISP/Home network have rules also. If they don't follow the rules that are given they can be in big trouble. I would also remind them that whatever they upload on the internet will never be deleted even if you delete the file on your device.