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A) Fios is my local area network that is connected to my house by a coaxial cable. I have 3 tv's, 3 laptops, 2 phones, wii, xbox, ipad, and a nintendo. All of these devices are connected to my wifi wireless.
B) I learned that wifi is more complicated than it seems. One OMG moment I had was when I learned that WIFI is only radio signals.
C) I would tell other people to be grateful that their parents are paying for WIFI. WIFI is more expensive than it seems to us kids, but there are some parents who struggle with paying for it.

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Queenie Wu (Student 2021)
Queenie Wu
  • I notice that we have the same wifi cable.
  • I wonder where your cable goes through to connect to your router.
  • What if you switched your wifi cable to a different one?