Home Network Diagram

Jackson Shumard


  1. On my L.A.N I have 3 T.V’s, 2 printers, an imac, 2 tablets, an ipad, 4 iphones, security cameras, a projector box, 2 Dell laptops, a Playstation and an Xbox.

2. When I was mapping out my home network i was really surprised to see how many devices I have wirelessly connected to the modem.

3. I would tell them to not make it more complicated than it has to be, and to just get a stong modem/router to have a good connection.

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Aedan Dejong-Dougherty (Student 2021)
Aedan Dejong-Dougherty

I noticed that you have the riddles needed to open Merlin's lockbox. I know the one that goes the boy is tall and also the man is tall, but the girl is not as tall. I also now the one that goes the energy ribbon flows like a beautiful goblet of fresh space hound. I am in desperate need of the riddles and would love to acquire the rest of them.

Michal Czapla (Student 2021)
Michal Czapla

I notice that you have a lot of different devices that I didn't know ran on internet, like security cameras and a projector box. I wonder if you have high internet speeds with all those devices.