Home Network Harper

My local network is xfinity. The wire is ran from the back outside of the house accessing the inside porch. The wire that runs through the house is called a coaix wire that looks black and is very thick. My home has a modem router. Many devices are connected to my internet wireless. We have a printer, three mobile smart phones, a play station three, laptop, a apple ipad and a Microsoft surface. 

Wow, what did I learn! I learned many many things that can go on for days. I learned that the acceptable use policy is very strict! Also, the school district can block whatever they so choice. So they can block things about global warming if they don't think we should learn about it.  I also learned about sending out a search word and it describes through Google organization to send the web page to my device. 

Personally, I would school them! Show them many videos to explain to them how they should and shouldn't use the computer. I would also notify them that WiFi and internet are not free and you should see how much it cost for your home network. I would defiantly tell them if they have there WiFi on there first floor move it to the highest floor of there home. 

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