Homework Network Lee

So this is my Local Area Network. My I.S.P. is Sprint, I have a router that is located in my computer room, and my internet is wireless. The devices connected to the internet are four iPhones, three tablets, two laptops, the Apple/Samsung T.V., and two game systems. 

While doing this assignment, I learned many different things. I learned that everyone has a different network setup, different I.S.P.'s, different ways of connecting to the internet, and different devices that connect to their internet. My "OMG" moment was when I learned that there are three different kinds of cables that can connect our internet to our routers. The names of the cables are Coaxial Cable, Copper Wire, and Fiber Optic Cable.

After doing this project, I would tell other people that when choosing their internet service providers, they should choose wisely and make sure they are reliable. 
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