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During the experience in tech class we learned a lot of about being safe on the internet. By not posting bad pictures showing and saying things you don't want to see because it stays out there forever. I knew most of this stuff before but I had OMG moment is when Ms.Hull showed us the video of how the info is transfered thorough our computer and it showed how a big machine checks anything for viruses and more. That was real cool to me I never knew that actually happened, I just though the website just poped up from the internet you never really think it's that complicated. What I want to tell people about having a home network is enjoy having internet. With me I really use my internet most of my house is connected to the wifi. And of coarse the wifi is connected the modem and the modem is connected to the internet (www.) Connected to my wifi is My MacBook, my iPod my moms iPod, my moms laptop, my cellphone my moms cellphone our netflix on tv an for some reason of tv uses the wifi.  If you are really interested look up your home network and the specific details that make it work.
Class Questions:
1.My internet comes in from the modem in the top floor of my house. The modem is connected to the wifi . The internet is really just a cloud in the sky that's goes to the modem.
2. My internet provider is comcast.
3. My internet is in a bundle with the house phone and internet so it's $60 a month. 
4. My home network includes tv, two iPods, my Macbook, two different laptops, and a printer.
5. These things are connected by the wifi wich is on the same floor as my room  then theres this huge cable. That runs down to the basement to the where the modem is.