How Could She Do This?

Could I ask you a question? Was it true? Are the rumors I have been hearing true? I just need you to be honest with me my love.

Oh, so it is true? Why? How could you do this? After all I have done for you, you couldn’t stay away from him?

What do you mean I never showed you love? I gave you my heart and soul! And you’re just going to throw that away!? I love you and you can’t see that? I tell you everyday that you’re the love of my life and that you’re beautiful just as the day I met you.

How does he show his love? He hasn’t supported you and this family. He doesn’t pay the bills. He doesn’t cook dinner. He doesn’t work overtime at the job he hates. But yeah sure Jasmine, He loves you more than me.

When did you start seeing him, how long ago did you guys start hooking up? FIVE MONTHS! Are you kidding me? SO you’re just going to throw 7 years of our marriage DOWN THE DRAIN!? Is that why you had to invite him to our kids 6th birthday? You’re INSANE, how come I have never seen this before…

Why is it that everyone has chosen him over me, my whole life. Mom and dad gave him a car on his 16th birthday while I still took the bus. The girls would always approach me and ask me about him! He always excelled in school. Always on honor roll, and he would be the one on the football team to carry the team into championships.

But Liam, he’s my brother… how could he… he always said that he would take care of me when I needed it. I- I am in disbelief- my own brother.

I remember when my dog passed away, she was so old. But Liam comforted me, and the next day he showed up with a puppy. He said “I know no other dog can replace Macy, but here’s Roxie. I was in the animal shelter and I knew you would love her.” That was the most sentimental thing anyone ever did for me.

And we would go to parties and he would introduce me to his friends. He BROUGHT ME TO YOU! I knew it was too good to be true, I KNew it. I am such an idiot.. But my blood doesn’t even love me, so that’s down the drain.

But I thought you were different. I thought you truly loved me deep down in your heart-

DON’T GIVE ME THAT BS! I can’t even look at you right now. What are we supposed to do about Jason, huh? Did you even think about him? He’s only SIX YEARS OLD, he can’t comprehend what his mom ever did. He’s going to be confused as to why his mommy and dad-


what? What do you mean?


Jasmine, how is that even possible?

“It was just one night” my ass. When was this night? ARE YOU KIDDING ME JASMINE? THE DAY BEFORE OUR WEDDING!

Oh so because you had cold feet that means you slEEP WITH LIAM?!  

I was there when you gave birth to him and I was there for you the whole time, and you never thought to tell me this?

Of course I would find out sooner or later! I am not a complete IDIOT.


Don’t walk away from me! Jasmine! No! Wait, don’t leave plea-

*on the verge of tears and a break down*

I don’t understand what I did. Why did this have to happen to me. The universe hates me, HATES ME. I hate me…

I could’ve been better. If I didn’t put all my love into this marriage so quickly, and realized that this was too good to be true, maybe I wouldn’t be here right now, talking to myself alone in my living room.

She left me. She left me alone in the house I built for our beautiful family. How could she leave me? If anything I have the right to leave, not my skank wife.

What’s even the point of living and breathing anymore. Everything good in my life has just vanished.

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Comments (3)

Nuala Cowen (Student 2021)
Nuala Cowen

You did a really good job portraying the husband's emotion in the recording. There were so many twists in this which really kept the audience interested in the story.

Anthony Castro-Gomez (Student 2021)
Anthony Castro-Gomez

This monologue moved me because it shows how the main character slowly transitions his emotions. It goes from anger to somewhat sad and confused, regret, then anger again, I love how the emotion is being represented here. The writing is very emotional as well if that makes sense, like some of this made me think to myself like damn, I need to be careful out here. The ending made me want more, it was like a super interesting movie scene. The main character's emotions moved me the most because sometimes I feel a mix between anger and frustration and you really go in depth and really re-create how it feels for someone to be in that situation.

Yasir Thomas (Student 2021)
Yasir Thomas

The thing that loves me emotionally was how. Jasmine was cheating on the main character the whole time with his brother and the kid wasn't his. Also how the character was barely showed any love growing up compared to his brother. The way that you built up the tension made it more surprising.