"How do we know who Passes" by Tyler Creighton

​I always wondered how many people can pass as something there not, by there color or features. Maybe from where hey grew up or ever there accents. Does this effect there life, maybe there families life.this is an interview about race and how it can be played with and looked at in many different ways.  


From this project I learned that people cross boundaries  in many different ways. They cross racial boundaries, relation, language, appearance,stereo types and many other ones also.While doing this project I discovered that someone in my family was dark enough to pass for indian and I was actually surprised. Crossing boundaries doesn't necessarily mean running across a boundary. It can mean different things.It could mean doing something other than your family or being with people that don't speak the same boundary as you, or even becoming a different religion than what you grew up as.There are sometimes benefits and some times costs for becoming this. For example my grab uncle changed his race to a full indian because he passed as one.He benefited from this because he became apart of a good family and learned a lot about a new culture. But he also lost the rights to see his old and when he did he couldn't be related to them in any type of way because we are russian, and other ethnicities and he was not that anymore.While I was doing interviews I learned that when you asked people question they usually talk a lot. An interview is very hard to edit because you can't pause it. 

During my interview there was a lot of unexpected errors. There was many pauses and my grandmother ended up talking very LOUD. I couldn't make this lower because the rest of it would have been. I had to do a lot of cutting so the interview could flow through with out anyone being able to tell she coughed a lot. Although I did this I got pretty good comments. Other than what I know that she was talking loud they told me my music towards the end was a bit loud also and it was covering the ending of the interview. I did that purposely because it was another person but they almost repeated what someone said before. I agree with them but overall I think my final project was pretty good.  

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