How do you think the animals are feeling?

For this project you and the World we are picking an issue that is happening in the world that you are interested in researching and learning more about. The issue I am doing is animal abuse. The reason I am doing this is because I love animals. My opinion about this is that I will not eat them or hurt them and its wrong that other people do.


Animals should be treated just like a person, You wouldn’t want anyone hurting you well around the world there are people abusing animals and its wrong. Cruelty to animals should be a crime in all states. The use of animals for testing in laboratories has recently become an issue. Some things that are happening are Killing, injures, neglect, or cruel mistreatment.


I wonder what the people are thinking when they are doing all these things to animals. What’s going through there minds? Also why are they doing it?

Are there a lot of people out there trying to stop it?  How do you think the animal feels? Next I am going to look at different organizations that are trying to stop it and read about different animals and what there stories are.