How screens affect teens by Jamie Polson

I am interested in how screens affect teens because we are in the era of technology and it is so easy to lose yourself in them.  I have been subject to doing this and since I am a teen I was wondering what it can do to a teenager.  So far I have learned that if you watch tv before you go to bed it usually takes about an hour for you to get to sleep and people who spend to much time on their phones and such usually go to bed pretty late so they lose a lot of sleep because of that.  I also learned that texting or playing to many video games can lead to something which is called gamers thumb.  This happens when you use your thumbs to often for tasks like gaming or texting. 

Another study showed that people who spend to much time on their phones or screens typically have more body fat and or have worse dites usually consisting of chips and that type of food.  The study also showed that people who play violent video games are often very violent themselves.  They also have very short tempers, and often get into fights.  

kids watching TV

Another study showed that kids who spend to much time watching tv are more depressed because they have a biast window on life.  For instance if you like news programs they often have depressing sad news and very selective stuff that they include and they leave a lot out.