How to Adopt an International baby

Rita Willard
American Government

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The bureaucratic task that my partner Julia and I were doing was posing as partners and adopting and international baby, specifically a child form the Philippines. What we did was first to find out all the details that goes into getting a child from a different country and what all the words like Hague and Non-Hague meant in relation to the adoption process. Then we had a little fun creating aliases on what we were going to put onto the forms that needed to be filled out. After that we downloaded all the forms we initially thought we needed like the ones that were just for adoption before we thought about the process of getting to the country. Then we had to go back and fill out passports and the visa card for the incoming child. After, we finalized the flow chart and added notes to places we know wasn't mentioned until you see the form.

The paperwork was all levels of emotion. When it first started out it was pretty straightforward like the passports, they just needed your name and numbers and it was boring and repetitive but then it got to the Visa immigration card and that was so long to read and fill out. Trouble did not start until the actual forms for adoption like the forms that determine if your suitable to adopt and the forms that made the child into an immediate relative, they had terms in there that I did not understand and they had you bouncing all around. For example, if I checked box A I had to go to question 6 but if I said no to question 6 I had to go back to question 4. It was really frustrating to fill out those forms because of all the confusion and also there were huge sections where I was basically writing the same thing over and over again.

If I could change one thing about the bureaucratic process, I would cut out a lot of the things that are repetitive like the information about the parents and the constant asking of the name and number and email and address, if they already have the information from the form before it that you were supposed to turn in at the same time, why can't they combine the two forms and stop drawing out the process of international adoption. I realize that they do not want anything to happen to the children but they should look more into criminal background and economic background to make sure that the kid will be taken care of if they leave the safety of the shelter.
I think that the systems have become so complicated because there is a lot of people and they want to be as careful as possible.