How to Deal With Anger


Welcome to my podcast everyone. If you don't know who I am, my name is Emmanuel Kouadio. Im a current sophomore student at Science Leadership Academy and I am here today to inform you on how people cross boundaries when they get angry. For my English 2 project I decided that this topic of "anger" was good to interview someone on. Through my experience I know many people who have anger issues. I myself have a problem with controlling my true emotions and feelings. To express some of my emotions and thoughts I decided to write this intro for the person reading this today and explain how people go to far when they're angry. I hope you enjoy my podcast and can relate on how crossing boundaries by not knowing how to control you anger/ temper  would be useful for future information. 


After interviewing other individuals that can and can't relate to having anger issues I can come to a agreement that not knowing how to control your anger 
is crossing boundaries. Getting out of a normal state of mind is also how people cross boundaries when they get angry. I learned many new interesting things bu doing this project. People made me realize that their are better ways to control your anger. Their are also ways to not get angry and do stuff you regret. Their are no benefits for getting mad because it causes your blood pressure to get high and it will not result in any positive behavior. When people cross the boundaries of getting angry they should think. Their are two main questions people think about in their head before or when they're angry. Question one: What should I do? Question two: How can I deal with this problem without it getting out of control? If you don't think before you do, then something bad will occur. I hope that you can use this knowledge for future references because I learned a lot of things and you can too.Thanks for reading, have a good day.

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