How to have a basic conversation?

Before we can even start speaking Spanish to other, you need to know the basic conversation in order to talk to other people. Also, you need to know how to address other such as formal or informal. Here are example below that shows you and when to use it.

¿ Cómo está (Ud.)?

You only use (Ud.) when you are speaking to someone older than you and to adult. The reasons why you have to address them like this is because its formal and it show the adult that you know the proper greeting and also show them good manners. 

¿Como estás (tú)?
You only use (tú) when you are talking to your friend or buddy. Otherwise you use (Ud
¿De dónde eres (tú)? ¿De dónde es (Ud.)?

Real Life situation:

You are sitting at class, and the girl next to you only speak spanish. You haven't seen Señorita Manuel, and you want to ask the girl next to you. Here is a video:

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