How To Lie With Statistic Podcast 2 - Alex and Chaveliz

Alex Held and Chaveliz Nieves

What we discussed:
We answered all questions from our viewers and discussed the later chapters in the book.

How we discussed it:
We had a conversation, asking each other the questions and replying to them.

Chaveliz and I disagreed upon which average was best for representing grades in two stats classes.

Questions discussed?
How often is this seen?
What data can we trust?

How To Lie With Statistics #2

Comments (3)

Mark Miles (Teacher)
Mark Miles

Really good responses to the questions from last time. Really good discussion, but you did not discuss any additional chapters. Looking forward to your next podcast. No questions for next time!

Chaveliz Nieves (Student 2015)
Chaveliz Nieves

The link above is the link that we found information on how each tax dollar is spent. The graph does not go into details on how it is spent per category. They generalize all spends.

Alexander Held (Student 2015)
Alexander Held

Here's a great article to read: An interesting graph that was highlighted in the podcast was one stating there was an increases in temperature because of global warming.