How To Prevent Yourself From Falling On SEPTA !

In this project, our group had to design a way to show how physics works on SEPTA. We had to choose a particular audience and 3 specific scenarios in which those people were affected by physics but did not have prior knowledge of how to react in those situations, so that the outcome would be positive. We decided to choose elderly people with canes that don’t have any tips (for extremely reduced friction) as our audience. By doing this, we could show how the canes will not serve much use if a person falls compared to grabbing a pole or knowing in advance where to stand/lean/sit prior to a possible turn or stop. We also wanted to show the correct way to stand/lean/sit on SEPTA to ensure that you don’t go flying and smashing your hand into someone’s face. Because no one likes to see an elderly man or woman falling and embarrassing themselves and or the people around them, we created this helpful guide that includes explanations for why these events happen and the forces that occur within them, comparisons between what you may have initially thought versus what is really going on (it’s deceiving, we know) and demonstrations for these scenarios so that you don’t keep remembering that time when you crashed into that lady, spilling her groceries because you were texting and didn’t see the turn coming.
Created by : Ashley S ,Alex H,Jeremiah C. and Katie N. .. ENJOY !