How We Get By: Life Lessons From a Grief Counselor

I interviewed my neighbor, Heath Williams, a grief counselor to learn more about her workplace and her world. Through the interview, I learned about her childhood and how she came into the job. I learned about how she connects with her clients and the amazing times she's had. However, she also disclosed the difficulties of counseling and toll it can take on her physically and mentally. Through her experiences, Heath has learned a lot about death and life, through her, we can do the same. 

Throughout the process, It was hard to narrow my focus. I wasn't sure who I wanted ot interview or what about. Even after I chose Heath, I wasn't sure what I wanted to learn or what my larger idea was. It turned out, that was the best thing. It allowed me to learn from what I had and build on that instead of trying to force preconceived notions onto the interview. After listening through and spending a long time editing and refining I feel like I learned about podcasts, myself, and life.