Human Trafficking

Trafficking Around The World !!

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Sydne Hopkins-Baker (Student 2016)
Sydne Hopkins-Baker

It's nice and simple it gets the point across and it shows all the info. It's still sad how trafficking still goes on after many years and no one is doing any thing to stop it. And if they are it's not making a big difference

Morgan Caswell (Student 2016)
Morgan Caswell

I like the use of visuals and how simple it it to make your points clear. Its sad to think that children just a little bit younger than us are being forced into sex trafficking and being raped while we do things like hanging out with friends. Also, it is scary to think that these things are happening in our own country. We think America is so free only for things to be happening behind the scenes.

Deja Johnson (Student 2016)
Deja Johnson

This was a great power point. I really liked it. You could have had a little more information, but otherwise it was great. You guys used lot of more information. You should have used visuals because it would have had a great affect. Otherwise, I liked it.