Human Trafficking/Prostitution

Human trafficking is the crime of forcefully recruiting,transferring, and exploiting a human for sexual exploitation and labor. In modern day, thousands of men and women and children are at risk of human trafficking. Human trafficking has been going on for hundreds of years.Victorian Women had limited options available and found prostitution the only way to support themselves. 

Some women were forced into the countries poor leaving their selves to turn to prostitution to survive.
They usually became prostitutes because they were illiterate, poor and from broken families. They suffered from economic poverty, lack of education and social disgrace. In older times, human trafficking or prostitution was a way of supporting one self. Over time, prostitution has changed terms but focused on the main ones.

Even though human trafficking isn't likely to effect me, prostitution seems to be. I know that I will not get into that as an occupation, but that type of industry can influence me to lower certain standards of mine. I am against this crime because I think that its a bad look for the world.