Humanities Final Portfolio 2013

       In the beginning, God created Heaven and Earth. Then, he made a bunch of other stuff that shaped who we are today. And once he made the first human, he incorporated morals and knowledge into the human. Over the eons of generations of humans born into this world, these two important qualities have wilted and died just as old plants do. On the aspect of life, there are certain groups of people that maintain and understand these two core values, and puts them into personal perspective. When this years English class first started, I was … naive to the world and its issues but more of a subliminal ‘idgaf’ type attitude. But as the year progressed, and we began to learn about the more current issues made by our hierarchy; I realized that past events shaped today’s world in terrible ways[1] : when It came to learning about colonization, we realized that past affects affect us firsthand-subliminally. When it came to current events and the movements of new age, we realized that none of this would have happened if it were not for corrupt governments.

One key moment wheres reality set in about our … thought process and how we have been brought down was when we began to learn about human mental interactions, and how the mental clocked everything around it. Over the course of one quarter, I have learned that humans are all the words in my word art; good and bad, despicable and tolerable. Humans are nothing but a stalemate that cannot pick a side. Let us take freedom for example. When you hear Freedom, what do you think of? Do you think of American flags and the Ramparts Red Glare? Do you think of Army soldiers and unchained Negros? This is what I wrote a few months ago to describe freedom:[2]

Freedom is being secluded from all mankind and hierarchy’s because even if you aren’t in shackles, you are still mentally bonded. Does a driver stop at a red light? Yes, because his mental is still on lockdown.”

Let me help you a second to analyze that; what I am saying, on a basic level, is that freedom is being without worries, cares, or dependence. When you have any of these feelings or verbs, you are not “free”. Yes, there are certain cases where you can be somehow freed: If you’re bailed from jail you are… semi-physically free, yes? I then go on to say,

“Freedom is more of a word than a practice. It is like the word “love”; Thrown around carelessly, like a tiger does with a carcass. “

When you realize that my words are not life lessons, but affiliations with life, you will see how disastrous our human kind are/could be. Now, I am not saying that we should be contained in any form or fashion, but we do need to know when to hold ourselves back. The human race does not credit itself with how far they have came; with what was done, so much more could be accomplished that it even scares me. At one point, our class wrote prompted poems and one thing that I stated that stood out to me was,


“I was raised by peer pressuring blocks and hammers that stayed hot. Where another man getting shot was like a pebble being kicked by our socks; at times we had no shoes. Rubbed down souls decreased our rubbed down sneakers until all that was left were our toes.”

When I recite this out loud, it makes me think of the way that our government/higher officials make a community. Why is it that suburbs are funded more than those who actually need funding? When I had the epiphany from Mr. Blocks class that we are half messed up on purpose, It broke me down and gave me another reason to strive: One of my goals is to not be labeled as a statistic, just as I stated in another poem on the wiki,

“…Regardless if I seen the world as realistic I made a promise to myself one day to not die in Philly labeled as another statistic because being black in America is not only a blessing It is artistic…”

In another instance through the year, we spoke about language and the problems/connections that language can have on people. Here’s a quote,


“I learned quickly how to adapt to my surroundings, language-wise…not just the language of verbal, but the language of clothes, hobbies and act.”

Now, I do not wish for a New World Order, but I question why we are so separated and when it comes to these questions, not even The Bible can truly answer. And I am going to connect history to the point I am trying to make. Several months ago we learned and spoke about various religions and problems that religion has placed upon us. Technically, the world is a hypocrite; using religious text to try to make a point/religion valid when the you either A) don’t practice your preach or B) Can’t Fabricate it anymore than it is.

Personally, I am a Christian… or, was a Christian until I read half of The Bible (NIV). Now, I have read enough of the word, and learned enough from those who know more than me, to come to a conclusion about my God and myself. What I am saying is that every government thinks that they are correct about their religion, when they don’t even know the words, and can’t even come to a honest conclusion about what to teach/uphold to the general public.

Going off of that, listen to this video and think about who we really are:

Word art, Humans Are:
Screen Shot 2013-06-12 at 8.27.48 AM
Screen Shot 2013-06-12 at 8.27.48 AM