Humanities Portfolio 2012 (Ananda Knight)

This year when I walked into my English class I didn’t know what to expect. I thought that I would be reading lots of books, taking quizzes and writing essays. As the year went by my expectation were proven wrong who would of thought that part of my English/history grade would have anything to do with dancing, or visiting a prison. Throughout the year we have been through quite a journey. Not only did my English teacher Mr. Block teach us grammar and had us read books, but he got us physically and emotionally involved with our lessons. We had many projects to do in which we were allowed to put a lot of creativity into. For example our final "Passing" Project This project was based on the book “Passing” we were given many choices on how we could complete this project. My group and I decided to draw a picture that told a story. There were no real restrictions on what we could or could not do for our project and that really pushed creativity. “Creativity helps you to accomplish something from your heart and that you have strong feelings about.” (Ananda Knight) This project helped me to look into a story pass the words but look for deeper meanings that not everyone will catch. Another project that I really liked was when we got into our poetry unit we wrote many different poems. One of my favorite poems was my “I was raised by poem.” I felt like I could use that poetry topic to express myself in many different ways. “I was taught by
other peoples mistakes, I was taught by my own mistakes.” That is on of the quotes in my I was raised by poem. My poem reflected of lessons, and things I was brought up on. When Mr. Block told us to write poems I didn’t really think I could do it. I guess I just had to believe in myself. Mr. Block helped me to realize that I was a good writer and that if I put my mind and heart into it I could complete a polished poetry Wiki.

About a week ago we were all surprised as a class when our teacher introduced us to Leah Stein from the Leah Stein Dance Company. We were shown some of her work and were told that we were going to be going out into the streets and perform dance pieces in front of a bunch of people. When I first heard about this I thought What does this have to do with English or History. I am already a dancer so I thought this would be really easy. As the days went by I realized that this was not the kind of dance that I was used to. What I didn’t know is that I was actually learning a lesson through movement I even became closer to my peers you can see more about my experience through my Art in the open reflection. As I write this portfolio I think of many different assignments that I could include. We did so much work that has helped us all to grow. The final two projects I wanted to talk about were for one my play. The play put my through my biggest struggle, but “Challenges push you to try harder.” This was very hard for me because never before had I tried to write a play. I started over three times until I finally came up with a great idea. Our play had to have an connection to the world and it was a really cool experience. Finally my language autobiography this was my first time writing something like this. It was not that hard of an assignment because it was basically about yourself. When writing we always went through the same process of having friends and our teachers read over our work and give us lots of feedback. Mr. Block encouraged us to do so as well. When I finally finished my Language autobiography It was really amazing when I read it out loud I was really proud of my work and that is what matters the most.

Overall this year has affected me in many way. From confusion, understanding, and shed tears I feel like I have learned a lot from my time being in class with Mr. Block and my classmates. Everyday I walked into class Mr. Block always had a new way to challenge our minds and help us accomplish something new. I will never forget my experience and how it has helped me to become a great writer and thinker.

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Screen Shot 2012-06-04 at 10.20.22 AM