Humanity Portfolio 2011

During this year of ups and downs i have learned a lot about people, places, and myself. Some projects showed my strengths and showed what happens if i put myself in a different environment and what happens when you research about a place which you needed to learn and understand then you needed to write about.  

I learned how to put myself in the places of other people. I learned that from reading about different experiences you can go off of what you learned and create a complete understanding story and or make up your own person from that time or place. A good example of this is the Monologue Project. Our monologue project was on world problems. For mines i chose westernization. When i started this project i was pretty sure and convinced that westernization was a good thing, then when i started i noticed it was a half thing. Somewhat of westernization is really bad then other things are good. So when i started this project i wrote about both sides, some people believed it was a good thing and then other believe that it was a bad thing. During this project i went through ups and downs. I went through those times which i did not have a clue of what i was going to write, then i had those times when i knew exactly what to write and when i knew exactly what i had to express and what i had to do. Some times i had those moments when i had to go back and do a little more research. Every now and then i had to go back and ask myself the question, This is good but how can i make it better? But in the end the project turned out great. I also learned a lot about Ladakh. 

            During the poetry unit, i learned a lot about different types of poetry. I was already writing poetry but it wasn’t like the ones we wrote in class. In class we used certain genres of poetry. We started of with the Poetry Project. In this project we were allowed to start off by doing certain poetry. Then we researched a poet when I learned that every poet has a different type of writing style. Once in a while each poet had tried or attempted to do one of the traditional poetry writing styles. Personally I believe now that writing styles in poetry are guidelines for people to start off from.  


            The next thing and yet to be my favorite thing we worked on was the Scene/ Descriptive Writing. This was my favorite because I did not know how many things you could do with one little place or one little thing to turn it into a story or a paper. At first I had difficulties doing this, like I had difficulties learning what exactly I should do and also difficulties turning pieces into something more then they were. After three papers I learned how to make my descriptive writing as strong as I could. Now that I know how to do these things i can write about a item, and I can also make it into something different.


            During this year I also learned more things about thesis statements. I learned more about giving more inside of the thesis information. I also learned that the more you use familiar sources people understand the paper more. In quarter one I believe it was we wrote Lord Of The Flies Thesis statements. Once I got use to the thesis exercises we did, I aced this paper.


            Through this year I learned a lot in history and in English that will help me write papers and understand myself more.


Screen shot 2011-06-11 at 12.44.51 PM
Screen shot 2011-06-11 at 12.44.51 PM