I'll Give You The Sun - Ida McGrath

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Tayah Brunson (Student 2021)
Tayah Brunson

I love the brightness in color that is used throughout the project. I also like how you put the annotations next to your emulation. Your description in writing is amazing and your attention to detail to make the reader feel like they were in the scene is very important and you nailed it.

Awa Diakite (Student 2021)
Awa Diakite

your scene was so detailed yet simple and it flowed very nicely. i see where your elements came in and it consisted of very consistent and vivid transitions. overall, i loved it.

Jacob Prunes (Student 2021)
Jacob Prunes

The design is (of course) perfect. You made everything clear and it's nice and organized. The only thing was what we talked about with the story going on the next page. But other than that it's good. Your emulation was really well written. It had a lot of detail and was very intriguing.

Preston Tieu (Student 2021)
Preston Tieu

Nice job Ida! The colours chosen in this project were eye-catching and looks great. For the scene, I thought the elements were explained fully and I really enjoyed reading it.

Peter Keo (Student 2021)
Peter Keo

A fantastic job by Ida. The color scheme pops in your eyes, and the yellow and white make a great contrast even though they are two very bright colors. The handbook feels very modern, and the use of visuals relates to the information that is given. Each section is labeled and thoroughly explained without dragging on for a long time. For Ida's scene, the emulation is really well thought out, and the use of her elements (chapter titles/time jumps, the narrator, and visuals) is present. Jandy Nelson would be proud of her scene and the entire handbook. Once again, great job!