I'm Different

At my school, There’s a lot of inside information that only certain groups or cliques know about. And we talk about these things so much that it starts to become an everyday vocabulary word. Whether if it’s 2 strokes, or greenfield wall everyone will not know what we are talking about. It gets so bad that people start to believe that was our everyday word, or they started to get curious. “Haneef you going to go to art and paint 2 strokes?” “ Jaaz where ya kids at” “Ard you dickeating youngbull” That is our normal everyday conversation between me and my friends. Sometimes its hard to switch from “informal” teenagers, into the “formal professional” teenagers that we are supposed to be. Sometimes its hard to be a teenager in this world. Especially in the city of brotherly love. People nowadays judge you by so many things. I remember being in school and learning how in the 20th century people were judged by the color of their skin. I remember the visuals of the the segregated signs. Now people are so full of themselves, they judge you for the dumbest things. I hate it the most when people make fun of the way people talk. Its not their fault they talk the way they do. I feel as though people should be able to have some type of downs in their life without being criticized. My friend Pierce catched hell everyday because of the way he talks. He has a thing that people call a lisps. It causes him to talk unlike others. Sometimes it’s hard to understand what he is saying. It burns me inside to hear people talk about my friend because I know how it feels to be different. Me personally, when it comes to language, I have two different languages. I have formal english, and informal english. Or as people like to call it, slang. When I’m around my friends, I use my informal english. I curse, use slang terminology, everything. When I’m around my family it a little bit of both. I have to be somewhat formal, and somewhat informal. Everyone has that type of way they communicate with their family. My family is full of kids, young adults, and fresh adults. Meaning that almost everyone in my family except for the seniors or parents, know today’s terms. When I’m around teachers, I try to be as formal as possible. I try so hard that sometimes it sounds like I am trying to be sarcastic. When I am talking to anyway of a formal standard I like to add this as i like to call it “ Educated sophisticated voice”. That helps the person i’m talking to know that i have some type of common sense, i know what i’m talking about, and know how to talk to people. I like to make a first impression on people, and when you are talking to someone, they judge the way you talk. They do this because people don’t like to associate themselves with people that don’t know how to talk to people the proper way. Either that or they are just ignorant and want to save themselves the headache of trying to know your language, or take the time to understand and listen to what you are saying. Today these days are just so full of themselves and think that they are the biggest thing that they forget that there are people out there that have just the same amount of potential that they have but won’t give them the acknowledgement or the time to express the potential. And all this because of the way a person talks. All this because a person can’t pronounce their R’s the right way. All this because a person are not speaking in a formal way that THEY are speaking in. All this because they aren’t talking like them. Everyone is different. Everyone comes in different races, shapes, and sizes. Everyone is unique in their own way. That’s just the way we were born and raised. Even writing this essay gets me a little upset at the world and the people in it. As i sit on the el in the morning and I see how people are criticized because of how they talk. Someone can say “hello” and an ignorant, egotistical human person has the audacity to laugh. What gives you the right? Who the hell are you to give someone a review on there life and how they talk. Especially when you know damn well you have problems on your on. People make me so sick. People want them to be like them but fail to realize that THERE IS ONLY ONE YOU!