I look like a Korean idiol?

 I shuffled through my iTunes till my favorite song blasted out my ears as Park Bom sang loudly opening lines "YOU AND I TOGETHER IT JUST FEELS SO RIGHT". I turned down the volume and looked at the screen. It was ironic that a person me and my friend were debating about came on my iTunes. I clicked back on to here box she went on aruging.
"You totally look like her"
"I do not she is korean"
"You have the same nose"
"I have my mother's nose"
"Your eyes are the same"
"Eh I doubt it"
-she sent a picture to me-
"See you look the same"
"You seriously think so?"
"Well I dunno..."

After that argument almost a year ago you can say I am convinced that at times we look a tiny bit alike. But not always it is just a bit a those random moments.