I Love Marijuana???



Hi, my name is Josiah Mast and I am a 15 year old freshman that is currently attending Science leadership Academy (SLA) . I am a supporter of marijuana for  medical and recreational use. I started to realize the benefits(i’ll explain in an upcoming paragraph) of what legal marijuana could do for our city and state as it has done for the states that have it legalized for medical and recreational use as well. I wanted to do something about it but I didn’t know where to start and how to start. That all changed when we thankfully got this You & The world project because now I can talk about why I am passionate about this topic and real world issue that needs to be better addressed. 160420_MBOX_organic-weed-promo.jpg.CROP.promo-xlarge2.jpg

(Above) Marijuana leaf being grown so scientist can do research on the plant

It started out as just a support for medical marijuana for the reasons that it was helping people all over America with their diseases. In a show called “Last week tonight with John Oliver” he talks about a veteran he was trialed for having marijuana. The man explained that he had PTSD which is a disease that stands for post traumatic stress disorder. and the pill that the doctor was giving were not working so he would smoke some marijuana and then go back to bed. He said he would wake up in the morning and go help veterans and do other great things like that. John Oliver talks about how people are a lot of the time saying that Marijuana is a gateway drug “but it’s a pretty nice looking gateway if that’s the stuff that happens on the other side.” He said this referring to the man’s actions that he did when he helped people.I am very open with supporting marijuana and that went from wearing marijuana socks to school to creating and singing songs about marijuana. I had planned to start a medical marijuana club at school but got in trouble for wearing the marijuana socks at the school. What was intriguing to me was the school never gave me a chance to talk with them and change their mind. They said that because of past reasons with marijuana in the school that it could not be accepted. This is the school that on the front door has a sign that says all are welcome. I DO NOT FEEL WELCOMED!

The reason I support recreational marijuana is because of after doing some recent research online(http://preview.tinyurl.com/n89e3hl Link to my annotated bibliography) and seeing how much more money states with legalized recreational use marijuana is making compared to the states that don’t. After visiting a multiple websites they all seem to give about the same estimate amount of how much extra money california has made since they legalized marijuana for medical and recreational. It is an estimated 100 million dollars. Imagine what our city could do with around that much extra money. We could fix up schools and unsafe neighborhoods. Help the needy and make roads evenly paved with no potholes. It would be amazing right? Well, with this state is not with medical or recreational marijuana we are not making that extra money so we are still stuck here with a poor school district and some rough neighborhoods. Do you really want to live on a city that is against something that could make us prosper? Do something about it know and tell people what is happening and join me in my fight.2cff41739ca69cdb5585319b8d12a7b9.jpg

       (above) Man shows his passion for recreational marijuana in the streets of philadelphia

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Micah Carrera (Student 2020)
Micah Carrera

This could be seen as a joke at the start. I think you did a good job proving your points of how it could positively affect the city. My Father used Marijuana for its medical purposes, but this still doesn't convince me.

Jayden Tull (Student 2020)
Jayden Tull

Your views on marijuana are astounding. You changed the way I see marijuana. I use to see as a drug but now I see it as medicine and a way to help the city.

Josiah Mast (Student 2020)
Josiah Mast

Good job Josiah!!! I love the effort that you put into this blog post. I feel as if you have a stronghold on this topic. I would love to see this community thrive from the benefits of marijuana. I would love to see your final project soon. Also VN.

Mackenzie Hopkins (Student 2020)
Mackenzie Hopkins

You seem very interested in this topic, which didn't surprise me. You had lots of quality information and the personal connection with your school, and not feeling welcomed, surprised me. I totally agree with you that Marijuana should be legal for medical purposes, and I would be interested if you went more into detail with how it could help people.

Teyonna Little (Student 2020)
Teyonna Little

Great Job on touching mostly every corner of marijuana. I do now understand it better now that you have given me some insight on its benefits. Did you think about comparing the pros and cons of marijuana? I think that is something you should focus on in the next blog or something. But overall, really good job proving your point.

Thomas Gualtieri (Student 2020)
Thomas Gualtieri

The image of marijuana is a very helpful addition. I had forgotten what it looked like for a second. I know this subject has been something that's important to you for a while. You're not shy with your passion on the subject and I think that will really make your project stand out in the end. Make sure you establish your relationship with the topic as something academic. Good job.

Ivan Lopez (Student 2020)
Ivan Lopez

You have a really strong will to chase after this and I agree. If we are using it to help people who have serious problems like the veteran with PTSD. The extra money feels small to me and I feel the medical help will be good enough and the extra moneys just the bonus points. Do you think they will legalize it later in philly?

Sarah Son (Student 2020)
Sarah Son

Hey Josiah, thanks for talking to me about this topic. I am glad that you chose this topic over the other one. I really liked how you used a TV show to support you topic. I wonder what you will do to make a change.

Timothy Williams (Student 2020)
Timothy Williams

I agree with your argument. I believe that enforcing a law that legalizes it for recreational and medical use would be a good idea. Yet, there will have to be an extremely enforced restriction that made sure people didn't go overboard with it.

Timothy Williams (Student 2020)
Timothy Williams

I agree with your argument. I believe that enforcing a law that legalizes it for recreational and medical use would be a good idea. Yet, there will have to be an extremely enforced restriction that made sure people didn't go overboard with it.

Chandrea Lack (Student 2020)
Chandrea Lack

I love how you added detail and information on something really important to you, you backed up your information from a TV show and explained what happened during the show. I also thought the way you connected your problem to your general topic is great, not only are you focusing on the positive reasons why marijuana is good for medical use, but also the profit that our state could make with that money for bigger issues like poverty and abandoned homes. I can't wait to see what you do to make a change for this conflict.