I See You 2

By: Williams, Alex, Kevin, Karim, Tyria Summary: In our 2nd podcast, We talked about what does freedom mean to the female characters in the book and how it can change how the people react to that. We also spoke about how women and men have the same right in the book and how everyone has freedom as long as they don't have to hear from the other person our being taken care of.

Comments (2)

Isabela Curtin (Student 2021)
Isabela Curtin

I love how you focus in on the female chaarters in the book! I feel like I undertsnd the female characters more! Great job and I am looking forward to listening to your final podcast :)

Phoenix Satterfield (Student 2021)
Phoenix Satterfield

When you talked about the idea of freedom at the beginning it made me think about what my idea of freedom was, so I like how easy it was to listen to and keep up with the conversation. Everyone spoke clearly and did a good job.